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Airport - Sakekhard

Right flights from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen

Salekhard's population ~ 50000 people

Local time - GMT+5

Special permits - NO

Native zone - Arctic

Russia is not only Moscow, St. Petersburg, transsiberian railway trip and Baikal lake. There are a lot of unique place to go such as Yamal. Yamal is a land of nomads - indigenous peoples of the north - Nenets and Khanty. ‘Yamal’ means ‘edge of the world’ in the language of the Nenets. The largest herd of reindeers grazed here in Yamal. Nenets maintain their traditional way of life during centures till now. They live in the tundra in their traditional dwellings - chums (nomad's tents like a wigwams, jurts) , tend a reindeers herds, migrates through hundreds of kilometers to keep thair herds, wear traditional clothes, eat fish and venison. 

You have the unique opportunity to get unforgettable experience visiting Yamal's nomads families

Travel agency "Polar Zebra"specialize at Yamal's nomads homestay and migration private tours. Also we make an active tours in Polar Ural Nature park: mountain hiking, visiting the glaciers, expeditions. 

Nomads homestay
Wild Yamal Expedition
Salekhard city tour
Yamal nomads homestay
Romantic's glacier
Nomads summer camp
Wild Yamal expedition
Nenets homestay
Snowshoes Polar Ural mountain tour
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We make everything for your trip is fantastic,

unforgettable and safe

  • Excellently english-speaking wilderness guides

  • Private airport pick up and drop-off 

  • Friendly and time-proved nomads families

  • Reliable equipment for rufting, mountain hiking, expeditions

  • Reliable snowmobiles

  • We provides: sleeping bags, tents, safty equipments. 

  • Travel agency "Polar Zebra" is official entry tour operator



3 direct flights per week ( on Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays) from St. Petersburg to Salekhard ~ 215 USD

Duration ~ 3 hours

Yamal airlines


Direct flights from Ekaterinsburg to Salekhard ~ 215 USD. 

Duration ~ 2 hours

Yamal airlines

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